A downloadable Conflict Digital

Digital invasion has begun!

Welcome to planet Earth, version 2.0. A new type of invisible pixelated enemy has invaded our world. We have to stop them… you have to stop them. They are hidden all around us and only a handful of selected mobile devices can see them. In order to stop their invasion, we have reverse-engineered their pixelated technology and built defences of our own. Your primary objective as an honoured “Earth Defender” will be to use those defences to protect Earth at all costs!

Ultimate victory can be achieved by gathering & trading resources, building units, assembling combat bots and crafting various physical blocks of materials which can be moved and thrown around, but do you think they can also be used to hurt attackers?

Survival is winning.

Conflict Digital - AR dev progress showcase #1

Conflict Digital - AR dev progress showcase #2

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