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► Why I do what I do

Ever since I've discovered a game genre which encouraged players to use their creativity in almost countless ways to create whatever they wanted, I knew it was something I wanted to build my new game around. I realised simple combat situations are always fun especially if I had to use physics or other creative ways to achieve my objective. 

I believe that by combining this creative spirit, action and the right amount of relaism I can create a game which will be widely adopted and loved by many players around the world.

The idea of making people lives more enjoyable every day while sparking their creativity and excitement of playing my game again, drives me forward in this development.

► This is what I'm creating

Conflict Digital lets you turn your phone into an augmented reality machine which could be used to spend many hours perfectioning your digital combat skills, object manipulation and creative tactical thinking. 

In the beginning all you have are your units. Use them to expand your abilities in crafting and combining various physical objects and contraptions to outsmart your opponents.

  • DEFEND your units against all imminent threats.
  • UPGRADE them to became even greater challenge for your enemies.
  • CRAFT blocks which can be picked up, placed or thrown around to cause damage.
  • EXPAND your power by obtaining new units with many functionalities.

Survival is winning.

► Install for FREE on your device

Conflict Digital on App Store   Conflict Digital on Google Play

Conflict Digital is under active development since 11th of october 2019 which means it is now in early access stage.

Are you having problems with downloading my game from the Google Play store because of incompatibility message? Read my guide on how to fix this issue HERE.

► So what's next?

In the following weeks and months I plan to release many small updates as well as few big ones, such as:

  • Creative update
  • Combat update
  • Technology update
  • Multiplayer update

Latest game changes can be found at: https://conflict-digital.webnode.sk/latest-game-changes/

► Support

If my tiny game sparked your interest I am posting the latest (non-technical) development news often on bird so feel free to follow me there. 

Also your generous donation will have an important impact on development of Conflict Digital, for which I will be very grateful.

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► Feedback

Your feedback is very important and will be reviewed to further improve Conflict Digital.

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